About Me :)

Well, duh my name is Allison! 15 years old, living the life by the beach!

I love playing sports,mostly softball, tennis,volleyball,and horseback riding.

I am wanting to major in the art field, doing

photography,sketching,sculpting,and that kind of stuff. Big animal

person, I have 1 dog and 4 guinea

pigs. Listening to music, I love all kinds. But mostly more into Dave

Matthews Band and Neil Young.

All in one short info:

* Name: Allison

* Age: 15

*Lives in : South Carolina

Interest: Art,photography,dancing,playing sports (softball and horseback


Music: All types of music


Favorite Qoutes:

My life long two favorite qoutes are:

"Paint,draw,sketch,its your canvas make it the

way you see the world"

and "Live life the way you want it,not

what other's say it should be".

Lol my favorite sayings :)

Its your fault not mine!

Pretty Girf Swag!


The randomest things about me:

I must have coffee or a monster

every morning either at school or

first when I wake up.

Random dancing and making

up my own words like: (Lop)